Tukuza Service

By usin g Ezy Pesa often

Yes, you must first register into EzyPesa, if you do not have EzyPesa accout

Please visit any nearest EzyPesa Agent with your ID or any Letter identifying you. Remember to change your password from your default password.

Yes, visit any EzyPesa Agent for Deposit

Please contact Zantel Customer care, they will resend the TOKEN to your phone

Dial *150*02# for EzyPesa Service, select Payment then select Electricity there after select Tukuza. Follow step by step

A customer can buy as lowest as 500, but depends on the settings of Meter Account

Please contact ZECO customer car immediately

No there is no Refund back to EzyPesa.

You will need to contact ZECO customer support

When the customer has arrears i.e. past dues…50% of the money goes to repay the arrears and  50% worth of units

Check Coverage

Find a Zantel shop