Start Using Ezy Pesa

To use Ezypesa services you need to get yourself registered for Ezypesa service at your nearest Esypesa Wakala or Zantel shop. You need a

  • A Zantel SIM card
  • A mobile telephone

Visit your nearest EzyPesa agent or Zantel Customer Care Office with one of the below documents:

  • National ID. 
  • Voter’s registration card.
  • Employment ID.
  • Social Security ID.
  • Letter from ward/village executive.

You will be required to fill a customer registration form at a point of Registration, Remember to read terms & conditions. Dial *150*02# and select service to use. After registration, customer needs to change the password before any transaction.  

EzyPesa Terms and Conditions 

1         Ezypesa subscriber Responsibilities

1.1 Have a valid and duly registered SIM card issued under the provisions of regulations on KYC and other laws and regulations as amended from time to time related to SIMCARD          registration in the United Republic of Tanzania.

1.2    Notify Zantel immediately upon theft or loss of  SIM card.

1.3   Promptly report to Zantel  any suspicion of money laundry activities.

1.4   Promptly report to Zantel on the discovery of any theft, fraud, loss, unauthorized usage or any other occurrence of unlawful activities in respect to the EzyPesa account.

1.5   Be responsible for the safety and confidentiality of the EzyPesa password.


2         Zantel Responsibilities

2.1   Zantel will immediately block a lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed SIM Card restricting   access to EzyPesa account on receipt of notification from the Customer.

2.2   Without notice  or consent from the customer, Zantel shall immediately block any Ezypesa Account when the customer/user enters a wrong password or wrong information for more than three times while accessing EzyPesa account.

2.3   Any blocked Ezypesa account will be un-blocked after 48 hours.

2.4   Zantel shall not be liable for any loss that is occasioned by an unauthorized sharing of the password.

2.5   Zantel will immediately report to the responsible authority any suspicious activities relating to money laundering. 

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