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Subscribe to Zantel Madrasa and be able to receive Islamic content like Dua, Qaswida, Mawaidha, Hadith,islam teachings and many more Islamic content. To subcribe to this service DIAL 15586 or send the word SUB to 15586


University Offer 

Enjoy the best University offer Dial *148*05#               


Price Minutes Data SMS  Duration
TZS 300 30+5 400 MB 40 SMS 24 hrs
TZS 500 65+5 600 MB 550 SMS 24 hrs


Price Minutes Data SMS Duration
TZS 500 - 500 MB - 7 Days
TZS 1,500 180+10 1,536 MB   7 Days


Price Minutes Data SMS Duration
TZS 10,000 800+80 10,752 1,500 30 Days


Hourly Bundle

Enjoy hour is a 100MB hour, enjoy your MB's every hour by dialing *149*15# chose Special offer then Hourly bundle


Jiunge na Zantel


Grab your Zantel line now - Join Zantel and enjoy the most affordable value for your money Get 10Minutes call Zantel to Zantel for two weeks, 100 message to chat and 100MB to browse on Internet for seven days.


Mainland Tanzania

Join Zantel and Get more.Purchase your Zantel simcard now and recharge with 1000 Vouchers and get 30 Minutes to call all network, 200SMS and 200MB, with Zantel you will get more and do more.


Epiq Nation

Epiq Nation is the best offer for youth. One single package which fulfill all youth needs. To join the offer Customers has to dial *149*09# or *149*15# from his/her mobile number.

Price Zantel to All Networks (Minutes) SMS MMS Internet Validity
TZS 300 6 50 0 10 MB 1 DAY
TZS 500 12 60 50 10 MB 1 DAY
TZS 899 25 500 100 16 MB 1 DAY


Rates after bundled minutes are over

  • Zantel to Zantel minutes: TZS/Sec 1.9
  • Zantel to other networks minutes: TZS/Sec 3.5
  • Local SMS: TZS 50
  • International SMS: TZS 100

Call rates are excluding taxes.


Ofa Kabambe

This offer is for those purchasing a new Zantel SIM card valid for 1 month

  • 40 Minutes to all networks + 10 Minutes Zantel to Zantel (Mainland)
  • 30 Minutes Zantel to Zantel (Zanzibar)
  • 300 SMS
  • 200 MB of Data


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