PBZ Service

Yes, you must first register into EzyPesa, if you donot have EzyPesa account

Yes, you must first open a Bank Account with PBZ, if you donot have PBZ Bank account

For EzyPea account Please visit any nearest EzyPesa Agent with your ID or any Letter identifying you. Remember to change your password from your default password.

Yes, dial EzyPesa menu then select Option 1 for Send Money then select Bank to EzyPesa

Transfers from Bank to EzyPesa there are no charges, but charges applied for transaction from EzyPesa to Bank.

Yes, you can check PBZ Bank account Balance via EzyPesa service

Yes, you can receive PBZ Bank Statement from EzyPesa service

All transactions initiated from EzyPesa, its EzyPesa password that will be used, you don’t need to use PBZ Bank password

No, you can only move cash from bank account to your registered EzyPesa-Zantel account only.

Yes, this is possible, dial EzyPesa menu for the service

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