Zantel National Roaming

Zantel is continuing with the network enhancement since the beginning of this year. With our most recent enhancement, Zantel customers will have the opportunity to access the fastest internet services available in the market today on a new 4G network. As a result, they will temporarily be roaming on Tigo network until December.

To that effect – we are asking our customers to have their network settings set to “automatic roaming” and set data to data roaming so that they can continue enjoying Zantel services. 


Steps to activate National Roaming on Feature Phone
Steps to activate National Roaming on Smartphone


After the upgrade, customers will benefit from enhanced network coverage and higher internet that will significantly improve their data experience. 

We are fully committed to ensure that our network delivers sustainable value to our customers, our shareholders and other key stakeholder expectations. Through a number of targeted acquisitions, strategic partnership and investment in our own infrastructure, we have taken deliberate steps to ensure that our customers in every corner of the country are at the cutting edge of this technological evolution.


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