Zantel Kunduchi Fish Market Beach Cleaning

Zantel staff has recently participated in this beach clean-up exercise, which is part of Zantel’s Corporate Social responsibility (CSR), and the activity took place at Kunduchi Fish Market where people buy their fish.

Through this exercise, Zantel aims to inspire people to practice a cleaning culture of beaches and conserve their environments as well as raise public awareness on the effects of litter and debris.

Most often, people rely on the beaches and ocean as places to have fun, relax and also provide us with food for us to eat, yet they pollute them by allowing them to become landing points for all sorts of rubbish. 

Representing Human Resources Department, Zantel Human Resources Business Partner Frank Jackson said, “We hope to raise more awareness through this cleaning initiative and to have everyone to follow suit, I believe that we can all make a real difference and encourage the next generation to care passionately about protecting our beaches and seas for the future."

This initiative is about delivering a cleaner and safer environment but mostly bring benefits to the local communities, improving local trade and tourism (which means more jobs), better flora, fauna and wildlife habitats and most importantly a stronger community pride. 

Zantel aims supporting the communities around us in the Isles as well as the Mainland in a bid to induce the habit of caring for each other. Apart from cleaning, Zantel has many more CSR activities to come.

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