16th February 2017, Dar es Salaam – Zantel in collaboration with BAKWATA has launched yet another innovative   new service dubbed ‘Zantel Madrasa’ that will enable Muslim faithful’s to learn and receive Islamic teachings via their mobile phones. 

The service will also include a number of items like:-Hadith, Quran, Duah and other services that can be accessed via call (IVR/SMS/Mobile App and BAKWATA News.

Speaking during the launch of the new service in Dar es Salaam, Zantel Chief Executive Officer Benoit Janin said “We are very happy to launch ‘Zantel Madrasa’, a service that will connect a number of Muslims across the country and help them gain more knowledge about religion in a very simplified manner. 

BAKWATA’s Mufti Sheikh Aboubakar Zuberi said this is the biggest platform for all the Islamic community and anyone who wants to learn about the Islamic religion. He urged Muslims to take advantage of the new service and use it massively to learn what Islam requires them to do.

“I believe that the new service will simplify our work as leaders of the Islamic community now that most of the teachings can be accessed through ‘Zantel Madrasa’, and I take this opportunity to also urge our non-Muslim friends to use this service to learn about Islam,” he said.

He added that BAKWATA will help Zantel promote the service across Tanzania more especially in Mosques.

‘Zantel Madrasa’ is the first service ever to be launched by a mobile phone network in Tanzania in teaching religion and linking people to learn religion across the country. 

The service provides an opportunity to all Muslims to be linked through a specific service code across Zantel Network, thus allowing millions of mobile subscribers/users to access Madrasa teachings on a daily basis.

A Zantel network user interested in using the service will be required to dial or send a message to number 15586 and then follow instructions given in order to be connected and enjoy the service.

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