Zantel limited has recently announced its sponsorship agreement with Busara Promotions as the main sponsor for the 2017 Sauti za Busara Festival. As part of this relationship, Zantel is extending collaboration to Sauti  Za Busara  to support communication of all the Sauti za Busara events.

Busara Promotions  is registered as an NGO in Zanzibar since 2003, Sauti za Busara, the flagship event, is a music festival which is happening every year on the month of February in Stone Town. The Festival is believed to be one of the best seven African Festivals which according to BBC, is Africa's best. Zantel is sponsoring the entertainment which takes centre stage in the Spice Island with over 400 artists from the whole continent rallying to entertain an equally diverse audience in attendance building appreciation for East African Music.

Sauti za Busara is more than ‘just’ a music festival because  it contributes to the growth and professionalization of the creative sector in the region; provides learning, exchange and employment opportunities, and promotes Zanzibar globally as a leading destination for cultural tourism.

Busara Promotions is  promoting Cultural diversity with respect for the context of society in Zanzibar. Sauti za Busara also promote exchange of cultures and traditions to promote understanding, peace and a pluralistic society. When selecting artists, recruiting staff or crew do not allow discrimination on basis of race, gender, ethnicity, politics or religion.

SZB has been ranked with CNN as the  "7 African music festivals you really have to see"  and  BBC:  “one of Africa's best and most respected music events”

Zanzibar, being the Zantel stronghold, partnering with Busara Promotion will give the customers joy of enjoying the best music festival with the most  affordable services from Zantel  during the week-long event as the Historical Stone Town bursts into life with the blossoming of activities as the population makes its way to Old Fort and its surroundings.

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