On Friday  15th at 10:10am ZANTEL PLC health and safety team had set a scenario of emergency drill at Zantel PLC Head Quarters, outside the offices stores. The scenario involved setting of a fire which started at approximately 10:07am from some waste (Unused cloth and rubber tyres) which were left unattended near the water trench in front of Stores office. The fire was discovered by one Zantel employee; Khamis Bakar Khamis-IP and Datacom Planning Manager who was going to Stores and Logistic office for sign off of warehouse documents.

After noticing the fire, Khamis immediately went to the fire alarm Panel for activation of the alarm. After alarm activation all people were evacuated from the building and were directed to the emergency assembly point. At the same time the fire marshal, from Sales and Distribution office, Hamid Mohamed Bakar who was passing around the area from  the washroom ground floor, together with Amiri Damas(Zantel Park Building fire warden) managed to put off the fire using portable fire extinguisher.

During evacuation one staff felt unconscious, thus falling down on the floor, but was immediately attended by Zantel first aiders until when Resolution Ambulance arrived (Flying Doctors) for further medical assistance.

The objectives of this exercise were to; test staff awareness on emergency evacuation procedures, testing effectiveness of  fire and emergency facilities/systems installed at ZANTEL office as well as testing the response by emergency and rescue authorities such as Ambulances Services, Fire & Rescue Brigades etc.  As a result of this exercise everyone around the offices got  some lessons  to learn from the incident. As part of emergency preparedness this has reminded all employees to recall all emergency response procedures to avoid impact in case of any or similar incident which may happen at our workplaces and also it reboots and awakens the Authorities on their roles and responsibilities required of them under those emergency circumstances.

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