Capacity Services

Is a business unit that owns/operates a telecom network and sells network capacity and voice services to other telecom service providers, ISPs and other corporate end users. This department is comprised of 3 main business products namely;

  • Capacity business
  • International Voice business
  • Roaming

Zantel is also a shareholder in WIOCC and has heavily invested on EASSy cable by acquiring a total of 96xSTM-1s with further upgrades on demand. Being a shareholder of WIOCC puts Zantel position as part of the;

  • The largest investor in EASSy consortium
  • Having access to own IP range through WIOCC’s POPs  in either DAR, Djibouti, Johannesburg or London
  • Having access to major investment in WACS (West Africa Cable System) to extend its service reach and offer cost effective Carrier -grade diversity solutions

Capacity Services


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