Bulk SMS

With Zantel new SMS Broadcast Service, small and medium enterprises in the Tanzania are now have the opportunity to stay in touch with their customers, staff and suppliers by sending them SMS messages from a web based application on the Internet. It is fast, simple, cost effective and easy to use and only requires an Internet connection and subscription to the service.


  • Instant messaging: Type your message once and forward it to hundreds in a matter of seconds
  • Guaranteed to reach the message to all recipients.
  • Secure and private.
  • Easy and cost efficient: Eliminates unnecessary paperwork and saves time, effort and money.
  • Send messages to selected communities, based on language preferences. 


The service is available as a desktop client (web based), which provides a single address book that can be synchronized across all interfaces allowing you to manage all contact. You can access your contacts to modify or send messages in batches from your desktop or laptop as long as you have an internet service. 

How it works

A "ready" web-based application that does not require any hardware or technical background.

  • Send multiple messages at once to many different targets (Mobile users).
  • Categorize numbers in groups for easy sending messages.
  • Send pre-defined messages (Templates).


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