Branch Connectivity (MPLS)

Zantel’s Branch Connectivity services enable secure data connectivity between sites across the country or internationally for internal IT systems such as ERP, mail, Internet etc.

Using our IP/MPLS network which embeds service intelligence in the network without the service degradation associated with point/appliance based solutions. The service aware network enables differentiated services which allow for better use of bandwidth resources and provide vital visibility to the customer in terms of service metrics. IP/MPLS also allows us to flexibly provision Layer 3 VPNs for WAN connectivity using disparate access technologies. This removes the burden from the customer to implement elaborate routing instances and can help reduce the number of physical interfaces at the customer site.

  • Fully managed (end-to-end) QoS
  • Flexible and scalable bandwidth provisioning
  • Access agnostic connectivity allowing for a wide coverage footprint that makes data services widely available 
  • Multiple resiliency options
  • Highly Flexible remote access solutions
  • End-to-end guaranteed service levels
  • A flexible design for the customer to add additional sites and introduce new services
  • Voice over IP ready
  • Flexible bandwidth tiers ranging from small branch sites to large regional hubs
  • Point to point connectivity (using our state of the art MPLS network) using fiber or Microwave connectivity.
  • Allows for various topologies as well as mobile WAN connectivity services
  • Secure and private

Key Benefits

  • Reliable data connectivity for branch connectivity
  • Low latency links support all Enterprise Information System requirements including video and VoIP
  • IP/MPLS intelligent transport (One pipe, many services, easy upgrade, full security and transparency)
  • Dedicated services are applicable for fixed locations. Offers dedicated bandwidth from 512Kbps upwards to any Capacity required.


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